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Call for Art: You're Fired!

THEMES EXPLORED: labor, labor movements, working, 9-5 life, Capitalism, Socialism, Taylorism, corporate culture, corporate cults, and billionaire hero-worship.

TOPICS ADDRESSED: cooperation vs. exploitation, the myth of unskilled workers, work-life balance, and corporate wellness propaganda, Patriarchy, and how religious doctrine of reward and punishment sustain a submissive workforce and glorifies servitude as virtue.

Artists are encouraged to submit works that push the boundary of what COLLAGE can be. 


1. Sculpture & 3D art will only be displayed during the recption and will have to be taken home the same night.

2. Work must be original and artist must retain all rights

3. Work must be collaged (constructed from multiple material and/or sources.

4. Artists must be at least 18 years of age.

Submit high-resolution images of your work in the following formated file name: Title_Medium_ArtistName.

File Type: JPG, PDF, or PNG

You can Submit up to five pieces for consideration

Upload File

The show will run from March 17th through March 23rd at SPCKRFT.  Openining reception/Collage-making meet-up March 19th 6-9pm.

Closing Reception/Performance on March 22nd 6-10pm.

Artists will need to be available to drop off their work on Sunday, March 17th between 1pm and 4pm, and pick up their work on March 23rd.

Submitted photos will be used for the 3rd Edition of "KARL."

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