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Dijon was booked at the Clark County Detention Center in February of 2015 on several charges including identity theft, grand theft auto, battery, and misuse of a mailbox.


All of these incidents had taken place on a single evening: December 25th, 2014. The report was fairly straight forward. Ms. Breezion attempted to use a credit card that belonged to a gentleman named Glen Karpinsky at a local 7-11. The cashier was met with the business end of a high heel shoe when he asked for identification, at which point he began screaming.


Ms. Breezion fled the scene with two bottles of Baccardi rum, a roll of of toilet paper, and the cashier’s automobile. After crashing the vehicle into the side of daycare center, she used the postal box in front as a toilet where Metro police officers apprehended her and took her into custody.


In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, the decision was made to release prisoners from our overcrowded facilities who did not pose a threat to the public. Ms. Breezion was not one of them, however, due to a clerical error, Dijon Breezion has been the host of the Las Vegas Government Access Channel 2 program "Art Talk" since its inception. The show was created through a partnership between the channel and the Clark County Detention Center's "Work Release" program. Her selection has proven to be a popular choice with ratings for the show beating many "mainstream" programs during the height of the pandemic.

Dijon Breezion : American Icon is a new performance piece by Ernest Hemmings (TSTMRKT, The Proletariat, Everyone Loves Dick). Using film collage, cut-n-paste audio hijinx, and cheap theatrics, Dijon Breezion: American Icon will give you a full view of the hostest with the mostest.

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