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The Proletariat

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currently playing: Las Vegas / The Playhouse Feb 18 - Feb 28

The Proletariat is a dark, comedic, 90 minute romp through the modern corporate culture and "Right To Work" State. The American dream turned nightmare in two acts. Written and directed by Ernest Hemmings (TSTMRKT, Cancer Dog, Tinfoil Haberdashery).

"Ernest Hmmings' original play about the evils of the corporate world is at times devastatingly funny, cleanly written, and rich in surprises."

-Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Review Journal

"It plays like a cross between his beloved Beckett and Dilbert"

-Jacob Coakley, Las Vegas Weekly

"Hemmings' searingly amusing anti-corporatist manifesto is designed for anyone who's ever begrudgingly worn the khaki costume of the corporate schlub; given into the lure of selling your soul to become a "bigger box" in a company's PowerPoint 'org chart'; or swallowed your pride to maintain your Blue Cross policy, if only to ensure it'll cover your resulting ulcers."

-Kelle Schillaci, Las Vegas City Life

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