Live Taping in Las Vegas

TSTMRKT will finally record their most recent incarnation with Ernest Hemmings and Breon Jenay in a "One Night Only" performance on August 31st.  Tickets will be available to fans at a discounted rate on this site from August 1st - August 10th.  The venue hosting the show is the hidden theater inside Cornish Pasty (10 E. Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV).  Parking is notoriously difficult in Downtown LV so please plan to show up early.  The opening act "Nothing" will begin 30 minutes prior to showtime to give early arrivals a bit of entertainment before TSTMRKT takes the stage.  Since this is being filmed, the show will start exactly at 8pm and we will not be able to let in late arrivals, so please come early!  The Cornish Pasty serves great food and has numerous beers on tap.


We didn't see that coming at all.  Thanks to everyone that came out to see the performances at Majestic Theater in Downtown Las Vegas.  This was announced last minute and only promoted through the theater's mailing list, but somehow the word got out and the venue did their best to accommodate everyone that wanted to see  TSTMRKT do their thing.  Currently the team is in talks about doing a possible "make up" show for people who were turned away during this surprise run of shows.  Keep up to date by joining our MAILING LIST today!

SF SketchFest '18 is a "thing."

You can add another reason to hate TSTMRKT onto your "to do" list, because they totally got into the San Francisco Sketch Fest.  Envy them as they fight their way through over-priced bars and survive solely on whatever passes as a "continental breakfast."  Chances are likely that they won't even be able to take a proper shower or a comfortable poo the entire time they are there. Perhaps they will finally get someone to see their talent who can take them to the next level...or perhaps they will waste their last dollar sharing a warm beer at an SFO gate, waiting for their sad flight home.  Who knows?  

This will be TSTMRKT's first performance in the Bay Area.  This city was avoided in the past like a bad case of herpes because of its expense (Manhattan is more affordable), but this opportunity could not be passed up.  Tickets for the TSTMRKT showcase can be found HERE.  Please come.  It's going to be hard to compete against Christopher Guest and Danny McBride. 


"Tinfoil Haberdashery" by Ernest Hemmings will open at PACA in Erie, PA for a limited one-month engagement.  The buzz surrounding this production has intensified with the Bundy clan's recent shenanigans in Oregon that lead, eventually, to a firefight with armed, federal agents and the death of one of the militia members who attempted to seize a federal wildlife preserve.  Tickets for the production in Pennsylvania are available through the PACA website.  

Interview with Ernest Hemmings about Tinfoil Haberdashery HERE.


DVDA is about to launch in Las Vegas and tickets are now available!  Seating is limited so we suggest that you get a ticket now rather than later.  This is not a "sales ploy."  We are playing this show at The Attic, which happens to have a great space, but not a whole lot of it, so you really should get a ticket now.  We will not be repeating this version of the show again since this performance is being done with the sole purpose of creating another version based on the feedback from the "test market" audience, the next performance will be completely different. Possibly. Tickets are available here.  Totally

Provacotuer Lenny Flatley joins the DVDA team

Lenny Flatley, who has penned columns and articles for the likes of Gizmodo, The Verge, and many other popular "nerd click" sites,  and started more bands than Al Jorgensen, has brought his "cut-n-paste" style to the DVDA production team.  You can read his brainy, content-heavy site HERE and check out our favorite sample of his video work HERE. "Dude is righteous and smart, and happens to be a childhood friend."