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Live Taping in Las Vegas

TSTMRKT will finally record their most recent incarnation with Ernest Hemmings in a "One Night Only" performance on December 10th at 8PM.  Tickets will be available to fans at a discounted rate on this site from November 15th - November 23rd.  The venue hosting the show is the Vegas Theatre Company located inside of Art Square (across from Artiface).  Parking is notoriously difficult in Downtown LV so please plan to show up early.  The opening act "Nothing" will begin 30 minutes prior to showtime to give early arrivals a bit of entertainment before TSTMRKT takes the stage.  Since this is being filmed, the show will start exactly at 8pm and we will not be able to let in late arrivals, so please come early!  

SF SketchFest '22

TSTMRKT will be making it's fourth appearance at the San Francisco Sketchfest as the opening act for 3Peat (Comedy Central/Late Night w Stephen Colbert/SNL).  They will be performing at the historic Gateway Theatre with a 10:30PM start time.  Tickets to the event can be purchased at the ticket link at or directly from the fine folks at SF Sketchfest HERE.

It Worked!

The performance was a smashing success and the future of TSTMRKT seems to be clear: The "one man show" is here to stay!  The audience reaction to the new content, technology, and performance was incredible.  Although TSTMRKT is not keen on completely turning the page on multi-person efforts, it seems that in the age of stressed schedules the single-person version of TSTMRKT will be the weapon of choice throughout 2021 and 2022 as talk of an upcoming U.S. tour is kicked around the work room.  Dates will include LA, Salt Lake City, Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Diego, Phoenix, and Albuquerque.  There will be a performance at the San Francisco Sketchfest, however dates have yet to be confirmed (stay tuned).

One Man Show

With the departure of Breon Jenay from the TSTMRKT cast, and the constant need to train new actors has left us with only one really posibility: completely recreate the show with new characters, sketches, film loops, and sound effects and have it performed by a single actor.  The founder/writer/director, Ernest Hemmings, will be performing TSTMRKT as a "One Man Show."  Using the same taxing framing device of the unforgiving soundtrack, Hemmings will launch into several characters and scenes in a one hour presentation that will be the most ambitious version of TSTMRKT to date. 

"Familiar characters like Dijon Breezion and Dick Ripper will have a chance to do more than just deliver a punch line.  You'll actually be able to spend some serious quality time with these characters and get to BE IN THE SHOW!  The audience will end up being the other character as we completely set fire to the fourth wall!"

Tickets for the performance November 12th and 13th are available from the ticket page and HERE.  

New Cast. New Show

TSTMRKT is happy to announce Randy Hample (Internal Affairs, Groovin to the Jive) and Cathy Ostertag (The Proletariat) have joined the ever-growing family of TSTMRKT cast members.  They will be performing in September for a two-weekend run at the Vegas Theatre Company with never before seen pieces constructed specifically for the three-person cast.  Preshow antics will be done by Nothing and a special "meet n greet" will take place on opening night: September 17th.  Tickets are available HERE.

Breon's Last Stand

Nothing lasts forever.  Breon Jenay has been the most dependable cast member in TSTMRKT's history.  She joined the team in 2014 to be part of their "Comm Arts" Tour and zig-zagged the country several times over since then.  She's appeared in most of the TSTMRKT film loops, performed at the Hollywood Fringe Fest, Ingenuity Fest, and SF Sketchfest while also tackling the full legnth stage drama "Cancer Dog" produced by Test Market Theater Group.  She will be missed.  Fortunately TSTMRKT's performance schedule is picking up.  Unfortunately, Breon's availability is shrinking.  It's like a marriage where the one partner wants to be a pirate, and the other wants to be an accountant:  There's just not enought time to do both.  Hopefully we'll have a giant reunion show in the future and be able to perform with everyone who has passed through the revolving door of the TSTMRKT stage, including Breon Jenay.  We hope you can come and see her perform with us one last time.  We will be doing pieces that were written specifically for her and a lot of old favorites (yes, we can hear you whisper "this one is my favorite" when we are on stage).

Breon's final performance will be this Saturday, July 31st at Vegas Theatre Company.  Tickets are available HERE.


"Tinfoil Haberdashery" by Ernest Hemmings will open at PACA in Erie, PA for a limited one-month engagement.  The buzz surrounding this production has intensified with the Bundy clan's recent shenanigans in Oregon that lead, eventually, to a firefight with armed, federal agents and the death of one of the militia members who attempted to seize a federal wildlife preserve.  Tickets for the production in Pennsylvania are available through the PACA website.  

Interview with Ernest Hemmings about Tinfoil Haberdashery HERE.


DVDA is about to launch in Las Vegas and tickets are now available!  Seating is limited so we suggest that you get a ticket now rather than later.  This is not a "sales ploy."  We are playing this show at The Attic, which happens to have a great space, but not a whole lot of it, so you really should get a ticket now.  We will not be repeating this version of the show again since this performance is being done with the sole purpose of creating another version based on the feedback from the "test market" audience, the next performance will be completely different. Possibly. Tickets are available here.  Totally

Provacotuer Lenny Flatley joins the DVDA team

Lenny Flatley, who has penned columns and articles for the likes of Gizmodo, The Verge, and many other popular "nerd click" sites,  and started more bands than Al Jorgensen, has brought his "cut-n-paste" style to the DVDA production team.  You can read his brainy, content-heavy site HERE and check out our favorite sample of his video work HERE. "Dude is righteous and smart, and happens to be a childhood friend."

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