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"Home Entertainment System" is collaborative performance art piece that truly encapsulates the TSTMRKT world on 45 minutes of vinyl (not to worry: each album comes with a download code for a digital copy).  The album is encased in artwork from Las Vegas artists Brent Holmes and Joseph Shaul, with a companion "User's Manual" by Ernest Hemmings.  Each package comes with pre-printed invitations for you to send out to friends to join you in experiencing this audio trip together.  Material that has never been performed on stage, blended together with audio hijinx that have been described as "pants pissing funny."  

Home Entertainment System (VINYL)

  • Care: If you live in a desert climate like we do, we highly recommend giving us your work address for shipment as it is a well known fact that vinyl will warp in temperatures above 98.  


    Caveat: This album was designed for adults so please do not play it for your 5-year-old if you don't want them to run around yelling naughty phrases  that they believe (rightfully so) will garner a laugh. 

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