TSTMRKT (pronounced "Test Market") is a live, comedic, performance art group that incorporates sketch comedy, film collage, and audio collage.  The content is wildly absurd, the performances are skillfully crafted, and the details the group puts into each show morphs any venue (comedy club, warehouse, theater, etc) into a highly accessible "art happening" that is equal parts "comedy show" and "fine art affair."

TSTMRKT has been performing and creating from their home base in Las Vegas, NV since 2001.  Their tours have crisscrossed the United States several times, and their ever-growing critical acclaim includes "Best Performance Art Group" from the Review Journal, "Best Actor" from Las Vegas City Life, and "Comedic Gold" from The Las Vegas Weekly.


The target demographic for TSTMRKT is "everyone."  The accessibility of the content and the palpable tension the show creates makes it virtually impossible for anyone to not fall in love with TSTMRKT.  The age range of audience members at TSTMRKT performances ranges from 8 to 75.  The majority (62%) of attendees fall into the "25 - 45" category with a decidedly Female (60%) bent.  

Sample Media

TSTMRKT has received critical praise and positive notices from various print publications throughout the United States.  Here are a few links to articles from previous performances:

" ...littered with offbeat humor—goofy, unexpected, dark and cynical." CLICK HERE

"Embodying everything from a twitchy cop to Death playing Hungry Hungry Hippos, Breon Jenay and Ernest Hemmings mined comedy gold." CLICK HERE

"..Hemmings has been one of the steadiest (read: persistent and creative) figures on the Vegas theater scene since he arrived 17 years ago from Cleveland." CLICK HERE

"The separate sketches of previous versions have evolved into one continuous presentation, with auditory effects still replacing sets and props for scene-setting and other traditional theatrical functions." CLICK HERE

"Have you ever been in a situation where you expected an audience to react a certain way, and you were shocked by how they actually did react?" CLICK HERE

"Experimental Las Vegas theater company TSTMRKT did not originally schedule an Erie stop during its 2013 tour, but the subject of pepperoni balls came up." CLICK HERE

"Always hilarious and astounding, and never common or ordinary, TSTMRKT is real and raw and truly a one of a kind experience..." CLICK HERE

"...high-risk and, in some way, a “thinking” production that engages and challenges audiences in unexpected (and sometimes slightly uncomfortable) ways. " CLICK HERE

Tech Requirements

The beauty of TSTMRKT's minimalist design can be found in the sparse technical requirements needed to make the show work.  Here is a complete list of specifications TSTMRKT requires:


Tour Manager: Tsvetlina Stefanova


General Info: Ernest Hemmings