Comedic performance art, socially relavent theater, audio hijinx, and film collage



February 18th - February 26th at The Playhouse in Las Vegas / USA.

Early Release Tickets are available from Deccember 20th - January 3rd on The Playhouse website or here::  

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TSTMRKT will be recording their latest production at the Vegas Theatre Company in Downtown Las Vegas, NV on December 10th at 8PM.  This is the "One Man Show" version that was tested earlier and received much critical acclaim.  The production will be available for people who cannot make it into the venue as a PPV event on December 17th!  Tickets for the live performance and the online Pay Per View will be available November 20th.  

TSTMRKT : One Man Show

For the first time ever, TSTMRKT will transform into it's most complex and radical formation: The One Man Show.  Creator, writer, and director Ernest Hemmings will perform a complete TSTMRKT show as a soloist with completely new content, film loops, and soundtrack.  This should not be missed.  Only two nights!  Tickets are on sale now via the Vegas Theatre Co website and HERE:


Live Performance

Thank you, again, for coming out at the last performance and cheering on all of the new content.  It was probably the most difficult show we crafted, but the end result was magic.  

The next performance will be a pretty special affair.  We are going to be saying "farewell" to Breon Jenay as she ventures foward with other endeavors, and we shuffle our cast.  Breon has been a big part of the TSTMRKT family, starting in 2013 with her herculian efforts at the Cleveland Ingenuity Festival and ending with her massive performance at the "X VTC" show last month.  She's a brilliant performer and actor and we look forward to all that she will do in the future.  But for now....she's got one last show in her.

On July 31st, we will be doing all of the pieces that were written specifically for her, classics that she has made her own, and forgotten gems that were only tested in far away lands (like Detroit).  I hope that you can make it!  This is a "One Night Only" affair, with a "meet-n-greet" after the show.  Tickets are available now with a special "Early Bird" discount.

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We can't come to your house and perform in your living room without a bag of money and and agent involved, but this is the next best thing.  The "Home Entertainment System" is available here.



If you are looking for a gift for a loved one this year, may we suggest the infamous "Home Entertainment System?"  How about a T-shirt that proudly proclaims that the wearer is "Subpar?"  We have it all right here, and all proceeds go to support TSTMRKT during this time when the safest thing to do is stay home.  CLICK HERE!


TSTMRKT performing at Notoriety Live

TSTMRKT will perform in an extended run at Notoriety Live (located inside the Neonopolis) in Downtown Las Vegas, NV.  After a string of sold out shows, the group is moving into the posh, 200-seat venue beginning February 21st and will perform Friday and Saturday evenings at 9PM.  As always, early arrivals will be treated to the infamous "Nothing" show which has been retooled to make full use of the digital turbo sound system installed at the venue.  Unlike past performances, TSTMRKT will work with all three screens during their live performance!  This is NOT to be missed.  Tickets go on sale Monday, February 3rd from and the Notoriety box office.

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TSTMRKT Test Market

TSTMRKT in association with Bad Moon Booking presents a live performance featuring all three formats of TSTMRKT: M+M, M+F, and our favorite M+F+M.  This special, One Night Only, presentation is to celebrate (read "promote") the release of TSTMRKT's "Home Entertainment System."  Tickets will be available from this website at a discounted rate (15.00) for a limited time. You'll also be able to pre-order your very own copy of "Home Entertainment System" which will be released July 12th...which happens to be the same day of the performance.  It's almost like it was planned that way or something!  These kids are adorable. 

An all new "Nothing" show will be performed 30 minutes prior to the start of TSTMRKT's performance, so get there early!  The venue has a full restaurant and bar so you can totally turn this into a date night if you play your cards right.


TSTMRKT presents The Home Entertainment System

The new project entitled "The Home Entertainment System" will bring the imaginative world of TSTMRKT into your living room in stereophonic sound!  This is not just another "comedy album."  This is a fully functioning work of art that happens come with a vinyl pressed recording.  Las Vegas visual artists Brent Holmes and Joseph Shaul have contributed to the inner gatefold and exterior of the album, and a15 page 12" X 12" Instruction Manual has been created by TSTMRKT founder Ernest Hemmings. The recording is a "Movie of the Mind" taking the listener on a journey through an ever-expanding world that cobbles together new and classic TSTMRKT content with a layered soundscape.  Each album comes with a digital key that will unlock  the "HES" page on this website.  The project will only be released on vinyl and there are only 200 copies available.

"We're in the midst of mixing and mastering the album right now, and only a few days away from sending it to press."

The album will be released on July 12th with a corresponding performance by TSTMRKT.  


Home Entertainment System available 

"The Proletariat" opens at PACA on  March 7th

If you live in Pennsylvania, we're really sorry.  The good news is that you will be able to see "The Proletariat" by Ernest Hemmings (the creator of TSTMRKT).  This incredibly dark comedy is best described by the reviewer in Las Vegas Review Journal: "Ernest Hemmings’ original play about the evils of the corporate world is at times devastatingly funny, cleanly written and rich in surprises. Simple premise: A ruthless, devious sales boss and his seemingly easygoing assistant are having a meeting with a staff member. They are apparently about to fire her for not meeting quotas, frequent absences and a nasty attitude (translation: she doesn’t like them). But it winds up she’s become just as skilled as they in big-business doublespeak. Termination won’t be the piece of cake they thought." 

Tickets for the production are available now from the PACA website: HERE . The run is limited to just Fridays and Saturdays.


Totally didn't expect to get love from a Sheldon Adelson rag, but our fearless leader was given a lot of ink from the only (ONLY) major newspaper in Las Vegas, The Review Journal.  He talks about his methods of creating, what it means to be a performance artist in the city that never naps, and disco music.  It's a well written and thorough piece!  Check it out HERE

NPR/Desert Companion Interview with Our Rambling, Incoherent Founder

We were just as surprised as anyone that Ernest Hemmings was asked questions by a legitimate magazine as anyone else.  But here it is!  He totally sounds as if he's a 12-year-old describing his favorite Pokemon character and, to be fair, he definitely sounds like that.  So they did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the person who has raised eyebrows and lowered expectations over the years.  Here's a link to the article.

TSTMRKT touring again?

Maybe?  After all of the traveling in 2017 we decided to take a bit of a break and work on separate projects: Breon Jenay is slated to star in the Majestic Theater's production of "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and Ernest Hemmings is currently writing a commissioned play for PACA in Pennsylvania. But, not to worry! We have a lot of new content for the next offering of TSTMRKT, and will likely be touring the show April 2018.  So few people saw the new material that we premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival that we will recycle a few of those pieces and add the new material that is being developed for a content-heavy performance to beat all prior attempts at impressing strangers with cheap theatrics.  Tour dates will be announced this October so stay tuned!